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Meet Rob Hes, one of the brightest new stars on the techno horizon. His sound can be described as raw, energetic but very musical at the same time. He is one of those artists where you immediatly recognise his work as being his, without him repeating a few signature tricks over and over again. Rob has drawn the attention of the global techno scene big time lately, but newcomer might not be the best way to describe this multi talent. With more than 20 years of studio experience and countless releases under different aliases under his belt, this is definitely one of those raw diamonds that has remained hidden for far too long. But don’t worry, with recent releases on Dubfire’s ‘SCI+TEC’, Christian Smith’s ‘Tronic’, the infamous ‘Bedrock’ label and a release o n Oliver Huntemann’s Senso, he’s getting more eyes on him every time his music hits the stores. This also reflect in his touring schedule, with shows in London, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona and a South America tour in 2018. Additionally Rob started his own label PURSUIT in 2018. Rob wants the label to showcase his own aesthetics and vision of a modern Techno sound. With the first release Pursuit managed to get in the BP charts straight away with a remix from Reinier Zonneveld. Rob will continue to curate Pursuit’s sounds with releases from Loco & Jam, Drunken Kong, Hatzler, Joran van Pol, Carlo Ruetz, Teenage Mutants and Rob himself already in the pipeline.