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Gavin Rayna Russom is a New York based multimedia artist and composer of electronic music. Using the analog and digital synthesizer she has produced a body of extremely influential art and music over the last 15 years. She is perhaps best known as the synthesist in the critically-acclaimed band LCD Soundsystem.

Much of her work is informed by her deep relationship with the analog synthesizer, a tool she has applied herself to not only as a composer and player but also as a designer and builder since 1999. Gavin Rayna began DJing while throwing parties in her high school cafeteria, but her first experiences putting creative work out into the world began in punk and hardcore bands followed by performing in nightclubs and underground DIY venues – spaces that were full of the type of cultural interpolation she found so important.

As someone who had never been comfortable in the fixed ideas which surrounded gender and all of the social frameworks that accompanied it, the possibilities of music and specifically analog synth electronic production were a critical way for her to engage with the outside world and still be authentic to her internal world. Part of Gavin Rayna’s vision is to combine the rigorousness of academic music and art-and its serious intentions to transform culture through its ability to communicate spiritual ideas-with the world of the club where these connect to real people’s daily lives. In addition to recording and performing music she also creates the visual elements for her work including installations, music videos, record covers, costumes, sets and props. Gavin Rayna is also a current member of LCD Soundsystem who recently released “American Dream” and have headlined festivals and clubs all over the world. In January of 2017 she completed her first long form film project “Black Meteoric Star – No More White Presidents” which began as one element of a multimedia performance at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust and then grew into a piece of its own, very pertinent to her personal identity journey. Gavin Rayna came out as a trans woman in 2017, read her exclusive feature with Pitchfork and INTO.